*Prices subject to change without notice.
NOT INCLUDED IN FREE SHIPPING are special services such as A) Inside Delivery B) Hydraulic Lift-Gate C) Re-delivery due to consignee not present for accepting shipment. D) Special access vehicle requirements. (not applicable when access available to 53' long 18-wheeler trucks, dock-high access or Fork-lift are available) 
WARNING! Unauthorized requests for services listed above, directly from the delivering driver will result in $100.00 being charged to the credit card used for the transaction.
SPECIAL SERVICES:  Ask us about the above listed services BEFORE placing an order on shelving4less.com
LEGAL: All transactions are governed by the laws of the State of Florida. 
DISCREPANCIES: Will not be honored after 30 days from the invoice date for terms, delivery fees, prices or allowances.
SALES TAX (Florida): Shelving4Less.com collects sales tax on taxable purchases within the State of Florida.
SALES TAX (Outside Florida): Purchases by out of State of Florida buyers are goverened by Sales Tax laws in their respective States.
Payment of Sales Tax via "Self-Assessing" is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 
TRUCK ORDERS: Receiver MUST count all cartons and inspect for damage BEFORE signing and accepting the truck line's BOL (bill of lading)
If you notice a shortage or damage, it is the receiver's responsibility to NOTE the shortage or damage on the CARRIER'S copy of the freight paperwork. 
FREE SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING for all items on this site to the lower 48, Continental USA (No orders under $150.00).
NOT INCLUDED IN FREE SHIPPING are special services such as A) Inside Delivery B) Hydraulic Lift-Gate C) Re-delivery due to consignee not present for accepting shipment. D) Special access vehicle requirements. 
FREIGHT SERVICES: Any additional services (i.e. inside delivery, lift gate or rescheduling of delivery) which were NOT authorized by Shelving4Less.com, 
but requested from the driver or the carrier by consignee at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the customer. 
The carrier will bill the customer directly and Shelving4Less.com has no liability in this matter. 
Any unauthorized services requested by the customer directly from driver or carrier which are subsequently billed to Shelving4Less.com, will be automatically billed to customer's credit card and invoiced separately.
FREIGHT COLLECT. Customers may use their own freight accounts including but not limited to FedEx, UPS and any truck lines that service both 

pickup and delivery addresses. Customers who refuse paying their freight bills, therefore reverting billing back to Shelving4Less.com, 
will have their credit card billed for the amount of freight billed to Shelving4Less.com.
FREIGHT INFORMATION: Where no special instructions are specified, Shelving4Less.com will exercise its best
judgment in as far as the type of carrier and routing but will accept no liability for shipping charges incurred. 
BROKEN CARTON POLICY: Shelving4Less.com cannot break cartons.
PRODUCT RETURNS: Must be made within 30 days from date of shipment. All returns must have prior written 
authorization issued by Shelving4Less.com. All Returned goods must be in their original packaging, unused, undamaged and in saleable condition.
Returned goods are subject to a 25% restock charge. 
All freight on returned goods must be prepaid by the customer unless prior written arrangements have been made by Shelving4Less.com.
Items made for special orders are not returnable for credit.
DAMAGED GOODS: Instruct your drayman not to accept goods from the Transportation Company unless the goods are in 
perfect condition and the number of pieces according to the delivery receipt has been verified. If any damage is discovered, 
make the proper notations on the receipt BEFORE signing it. All claims may be rejected if notice not given within 15 days per 
I.C.C. Rule.
CONCEALED DAMAGE: Should the damage not be discovered until after the goods are unpacked, it should be reported at
once to the respective carrier agent who will make an inspection and will grant a "concealed damage" notation. This report
must be made to the Agent of delivering carrier immediately upon delivery. UNLESS this is done, all goods replaced or 
repaired on account of damage must be at your expense. We cannot be held responsible for the carelessness or negligence
of the Transportation Company and its employees as the goods leave our place of business and are signed for by the 
Transportation Company "in perfect condition."
ORDER CANCELLATION: Will not be accepted without the written authorization from Shelving4Less.com.
Cancellation of orders already scheduled or in process may be accepted, subject to charge for expenses incurred as a result
of the cancellation.
LIMITED WARRANTY: Shelving4Less.com warrants that the product contained herein will be free from defects in material or 
workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If the product fails to function because of defects in material
or workmanship within that period of time, and is used to fulfill the purpose for which it is designed, consistent with normal usage,
Shelving4Less.com, at its option, will repair or replace the unit, provided it is returned to Shelving4Less.com with proof of purchase, postage prepaid.
REASONABLE VARIATIONS in the precise electrostatic properties of the compounds described may be materially affected
by the molding techniques applied and by the size and shape of the item molded. No assurance can be implied that all 
molded articles will have the same properties as those listed. It is the user's responsibility to determine that all 
Conductive bins, containers and metal products meet all specifications required before intended use and 
assumes all risks related to such determination and usage.